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Extending your SAP R/3 tablespaces

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I am glad that a lot of Basis visiting my blog, asking me about Basis activity, tips, etc. Based on comments and email about how to extend SAP R/3 tablespace, I try to post this little notes. On this little tutorial, I am using Windows based SAP R/3 and Oracle 9.2. You can do it on UNIX based. Of course using different user. When you using UNIX  based R/3 system, you have to use ora[sid] user.

Login to your SAP R/3 DB instance Windows using [sid]adm user. Open your command prompt.

Type BRTOOLS to enter BRTOOLS menu.

Choose menu number 2 by typing 2 and then ENTER.

There are many menus on SPACE Management including Extend tablespace, Create tablespace, etc.

Type 1 to Extend tablespace. To get information about tablespace list, you can use DB02 on your SAPGUI screen. For this tutorial, I want to extend PSAPIDS tablespace.

Type c to continue this step.

On this screen, you can see information about last added tablespace including datafile size, datafile name, etc. I use default (datafile size about 2470 MB). Type C to continue.

If you want to add more datafile, you can specified now by typing y. Right now, I just want to add 1 datafile so I type c.

Extending tablespace process is running.

Tablespace PSAPIDS has been extended successfully. Type c to continue.

Back to BRTOOLS menus. Type 9 and ENTER to exit BRTOOLS program.

To check your new datafile has been added to your tablespace you can use DB02 and then press REFRESH button.

Now, you can extend your tablespace easily and have a nice day.

NB : You don’t need to shutdown your SAP R/3 system or Oracle DB to extend tablespace. You can do this online while your SAP R/3 system and Oracle DB running.


  1. ben says:

    Good stuff!! Keep it up Very Help ful!!

  2. Milind says:

    This is really helpful. Actually I am a fresher in sap but it is really helpme out in my future to solve my issues…

  3. ardhian says:

    hi ben and milind,

    i’m glad that my blog is help you on your SAP server activity.

    please consider to donate to help me maintain and update this blog regularly.

    paypal account : devratt@yahoo.com

  4. Vijay says:

    This is very good man, keep up ur good work.

    Good would help since ur help many like this.

    Would you alos send me the snapshots of ecc6 installation and ecc5 to ecc6 upgradation , 4.6c/4.7 to ecc6 upgradation.

    it would be too good,i am learning SAP .

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Vijay says:

    in my previous comment, there was a typo

    Good = GOD


  6. Akmal says:

    Sir , Do U have any explaination if the database is using SQL ? how can we extend ?

    Akmal B.Y

  7. ardhian says:

    Currently, I don’t have it. Soon after I have, I’ll try to post it too.

    Keep your eye on this blog to get my latest posting.


  8. Reynaldo says:

    This is really helpful. I’am new in SAP and it is just fine.
    And i hope you can help me with other issue: I have one datafile with 4GB of size and in the maxsize it has 6GB but i need to change the maxsize to 5GB, the question is how can i do that.

    Thanks Again
    Best Regards.

  9. Swati says:

    Can anyone help with the steps for altering(increasing) datafile size through BRTOOLS.Or if any one can me the documnet related to this.

    With Regards

  10. shahan khan says:

    n4shost:n4sadm 67> BRTOOLS
    BRTOOLS: Command not found.
    n4shost:n4sadm 68> BRTOOLS
    BRTOOLS: Command not found.
    n4shost:n4sadm 69> BRTOOLS: Command not found.
    BRTOOLS:: Too many arguments.
    n4shost:n4sadm 70> BRTOOLS
    BRTOOLS: Command not found.
    n4shost:n4sadm 71> #BRTOOLS
    #BRTOOLS: Command not found.

    what to do ???????????????????????????????????????????? to come out of error please tell me dude.

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