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Table Reorganization using BRSPACE via temporary tablespace

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On my previous tutorial, you have already learned how to create new tablespace. I done it for this purpose. As you see, I already created PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

You can check it via DB02 tcode. Now, I want to reorg MSEG table. Right now, MSEG table is located on PSAPIDS tablespace. I check it by double click-in PSAPIDS from above screen. and write down MSEG on Object Name field like this.

Press the green check (v).

Here is information about MSEG table I get.

Now, open your MS-DOS prompt (coz I am using Windows based IDES server) and using [sid]adm user.

Type this command : >brspace -f tbreorg -t MSEG -m PSAPIDS_REORG

This command will reorg MSEG table and move it to PSAPIDS_REORG table.

Confirmation required to start reorganization process.

Table reorganization status starting.

Reorganization process has completed successfully.

To make sure that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace, check again using DB02 tcode and check on PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

Now, you can see that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG. You can start reorganize othe table. For your safety, use it on offline mode (no user access SAP server).


  1. Kapil Kathuria says:


    I tried doing reorg of tablespace, however i didnt find any MSEG table, i created the same table PSAPIDS_REORG using ur example. I need ur help to understand how to create MSEG or for that matter any other table.

    Prompt reply wud really be appreciated.

  2. ardhian says:

    Hi Kapil,

    MSEG table is reside on PSAPIDS tablespace. Then I reorganization and move MSEG tableto temporrary tablespace PSAPIDS_REORG (which I created previously).

    You should check MSEG table first on PSAPIDS tablespace.

    hope this could help


  3. Rafal says:


    is there any way to reorganize/rebuild whole tablespace.
    As far as I know in some cases tablesspaces can be fragmented. I want to know how can I defragment whole tablespace using brtools. Do you know?

    thanks in advance for quick reply

  4. ardhian says:


    reorganize whole tablespace is very risky task. Especially when this tablespace is huge one. It will consume a lot of resource including your memory and disk space.

    i would suggest table reorganization than whole tablespace which in fact only some tables on SAP which usually classified as highly accessed tables


  5. Rafal says:

    Thanks for quick reply/ Maybe I should provide a whole story.

    For testing purpose I installed SAP system on VMware virtual disks. I wanted to learn patching with SPAM, so I tried to apply latest patches. I observed very heavy performance problems with DB, so I tried to figure out the root cause. The same problems where observed with SGEN.
    Finaly I came to the script presented here:
    When I executed it I was scared to see that tablespace PSAP has fragmentation index 16,34. PSAP620 has 36.56
    This is why I think tablespsace must be fragmented. Do you agree? What should I do (maybe I am wrong about fragmentation).
    In the meantime I solved the issue by moving oracle directory to physical disk (not virtual). It helped (at least for the moment), but I still think that maybe I should do something with fragmentation.
    The is no risk for data, becuase this is only test system (among others) used at my company. I can easly backup the whole disk before I start.
    what do you think?

  6. ardhian says:

    hi rafal,

    from my point of view, the problem is on virtual disk. as we know that actually oracle doesn’t supoort on virtual disk.

    i think performance would the biggest concern.

    i have never tried to reorganize whole tablespace althouh this is possible.


  7. Rafal says:

    do you have any documents which indicate that Oracle does not support it on virtual disks ?

    Regarding SAP software, then as far as I know SAP officially does not support VMware solutions for production boxes.
    For DEV or Q is ok to use.

    PS. After I moved machine to phisical disk is much better.
    Today I start to install APO instance and will use only phisical disk for oracle directory.

  8. ardhian says:

    hi rafal,

    Check this :
    Note 1173954 – Support of Oracle for VMWare and XEN

    SAP support on virtual environment including VMWare and XEN


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