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Installation and Configuration of SAPGUI for Windows using Service Mode

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SAPGUI for Windows can be install based on traditional mode (just as install other Windows software) and also server mode. On traditional mode, you will need to install one by one when installing on several computer especially when SAPGUI patch are applied. You need to apply it on each computer.

Main advantage of installing SAPGUI for Windows using server mode are, you only need to maintain SAPGUI server when installing patch. You’ll need to install patch on server then other PC client will follow it.

To install SAPGUI for Windows using server mode, just a little bit different. OK, let’s just started this installation.

On SAPGUI folder, go to setup folder and find admsetup.exe file. Double click this file :

You’ll get this screen.

Click Next to continue to next screen.

Make sure that you created this folder and share it. I use sapgui640 folder and share it on Windows level. Click Next.

Ready to install. Click Install button.

Installation process is proceed. Wait till it finished.

You’ll need to configure distributed service so that SAPGUI for Windows installation files can be access from your network. Click Next.

You’ll see your server name sharing. On my screen, \\EMATES67 (this is my server name). Click Next.

For Distribution Service Configuration, you need to specify Administrator name and password. This information is for Administrator. Click Next

This information goes to user to distribute this service. Click. Next.

The last time, you need to configure it.

This screen show you configuration when you click SAPAdmin from Start Menu



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  3. Alan Rocha says:

    I liked a lot of this tips, it was very good build!

  4. Shafinaz says:


    By using this method, what is the network bandwith required? Do you have any idea?

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