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Client Copy from PRD server to QA server through Export – Import

Hi…Today I am going to view about Client Copy using Client Export and Client Import procedure. It’s easy and safe way than direct client copy.

Client Export:
1. Run SCC8
2. Select Profile for desired copy type (Usually All SAP_ALL or user master only SAP_USER. You will need direction from the requester as to the correct selection here. Use Profile -> Display Profile to display profile details.)
3. Select target System (or group)
4. De- Select “Test Run” (If selected)
5. Run Export
– Up to 3 requests are created, depending on the data selected and available:
1. “SIDKO00353” for transporting client-independent data, if you have selected this
2. “SIDKT00353” for transporting client-specific data
3. “SIDKX00353” for transporting client-specific texts, provided texts are available in this client
6.Monitor TP logs for errors and export files for growth
Client Import:
1. Create client (scc4)
2. Login to client (sap* – pass)
3. Manually add “O” transport then “X” then “T” to TMS buffer
4. Highlight #1 and use “Request -> Import” to launch import tool
5. Monitor “I” file in OS “/usr/sap/trans/tmp” dir for progress info
6. After Import is complete perform “post processing steps” from client tool (SCC7)

So if you have 3 transport requests and the data has been exported successfully then go for an import in quality system

I hope this could help to refresh QA server with PRD server data and settings.