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Exsort_not_enough_memory / Exsort_setvbuf_failed / System_no_task_storage shortdump on SAP ERP 6

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Exsort not enough memory, exsort setvbuf failed, and system no task storage shortdump is happening on my production SAP ERP 6 server after we migrated my ERP to my new hardware. After searching on SAP service marketplace and observing my new server settings, I have found out the problem.

The problem is our technical consultant hadn’t setting user limit environment based on SAP Note 323816 – AIX : User limit settings. On that SAP Note, it was mentioned that we have to set <sid>adm user ulimit setting to unlimited on couple settings, just like this :


In AIX, there are limits set on each user for the following:

  • cpu time per process
  • file size
  • data (heap) size per process
  • stack size per process
  • resident memory per process
  • core file size
  • number of open file descriptors
  • number of threads per process (from AIX 6.1 on)
  • processes per user (from AIX 6.1 on)


This setting should be like this :


Recommended settings:

cpu (time) = unlimited
fsize (file) = unlimited
data = unlimited
stack = unlimited
rss (memory) = unlimited
core (coredump) = 2097151 (which means 1 GByte)
nofiles = 32000
threads per process = unlimited
processes per user = unlimited


To check the setting on SAP, you can user SAPGUI and transaction SA38/rsbdcos0 and running the command ‘ulimit –a’. You need run this transaction on each SAP Application Server you had.

You also need to restart your SAP instance to activate ulimit configuration.

Happy checking, guys !!


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