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Trial : Install SAP ERP 6 Ehp 5 with DB2 10.5 on SLES 12 using btrfs

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For this trial, I am trying to install SAP ERP 6 Ehp 5 using IBM DB2 10.5 FP 4. For the OS, I am using SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (the latest one) using btrfs as file system. Usually, I used ext3 for the file system.

This installation is running well and smoothly but it takes long enough when “Import ABAP” step.

After installation is finished, I am trying to access the server using SAPGUI. But I got some error like this “os release linux 3.12.28-4-default #1 smp thu sep 25 17:02:34 utc 2014 (9879bd4) x86_64 is not supported with this kernel (720)”. I know that this error is because I use SLES 12 and this OS is using the latest production release kernel.

I tried to update SAP kernel to 415 level for this error and this was succeeded. I haven’t found this error again.

But I have found a new error. The error message is “UUID daemon (uuidd) not found. Please check SAP note 1391070”

The problem was about uuidd. On this SAP note, I have found a little script to check_libuuidd. You can download from the SAP note.

sles12:~/sapinst # ./check-libuuid.sh
[ check-libuuid.sh Revision : #20 $ Date : 2014/09/26 $ ]
SLES 12 (SP 0) system
libuuid package: libuuid1-2.25-6.69.x86_64
uuidd package: uuidd-2.25-6.1.x86_64
WARNING: Unmatching version numbers of libuuid and uuid-runtime!
WARNING: This is probably caused by an incomplete system upgrade!
2.25 and 2.25 ;  6.1.x86_64 and 6.69.x86_64
uuidd is active.
uuidd is running permanently.
installed libuuid and uuidd are ok!
/usr/sbin/uuidd -t ok!

And now, I can login again to my SAP server without error again.


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