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SAP Basis & Virtualization Services

Hi guys,

I am offering Remote SAP Basis Support and Service to your company. No matter your company have dedicated SAP Basis or not, we can help you. Your company could hire me as Remote SAP Basis.

I also have virtualization support on VMware, Proxmox VE, Linux, Oracle, and DB2. Usually, I support my client via TeamViewer connection.

You can contact me through

Email : devratt@yahoo.com
Phone/SMS/WA/Telegram : +62-81336451502

SAPOSCOL : how SAP R/3 instance communicate with OS

SAPOSCOL a tiny program developed by SAP as daemon so that SAP R/3 instance can comunicate with its OS host. By using this SAPOSCOL program, SAP R/3 can communicate and can get a lot of information about OS including CPU usage, memory level usage, swap, disk activity, network information, monitored process, system configuration, client – server connectivity, etc. Hmm….we can get it without directly communicate with OS. Just use SAPGUI from your workstation.

Usually, SAPOSCOL program had to be started before your SAP R/3 instance so that it can supply your R/3 instance with OS information. To start SAPOSCOL program, your just entered your OS console/terminal and use ora[SID] (if you’re using Oracle) or SAPservice[SID] if you’re using MS SQL.

Just type : #saposcol

If SAPOSCOL process had been running, it will show you the information and status.

To stop SAPOSCOL, just type : #saposcol -k

To check SAPOSCOL information, just type : #saposcol -s

SAPOSCOL program is very important to SAP R/3 instance. It can delivered information to SAP tcode such as RZ20, ST03, ST06, etc.

If your SAPOSCOL program did’nt run then you’ll need to run it manually. Usually, Basis forget about its permission (if you’re working in UNIX environment) and claimed  “Hey, my SAPOSCOL didn’t run ? help…”

Your first step is check its permission on OS level (no need to restart your SAP R/3 instance nor your database server).

Hope this tutorial can help you.