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BRTOOLS 720 (for Oracle 10g and 11g)

You can download

Brtools 7.20 is available on the servicemarket place at the following link


Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group
Additional Components
SAP Kernel
SAP Kernel 64bit
Choose your OS
Choose Oracle

DBATL720O10_1-20005243.SAR DBATOOLS Package for Oracle 10g and 11g

The oss note 12741 is also useful for download paths for all released Brtools.

Just for Refresh : Steps to upgrade Oracle from to

steps to upgrade to


using winSCP or anyother tool copy the patch file p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.zip to the environment from the machine where you are having patch file.

login : oracle
Uncompress the binary source
$unzip p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.zip
After unzipping , you can find the below folder Disk1
c111ptqhdd009: /home/oracle
$ cd /oracle/app/patches/
c111ptqhdd009: /oracle/app/patches
$ ls
Disk1 p6890831_111070_Linux-x86-64.zip

Bring down the application

login : oracle
Bring down the database
sqlplus ‘/as sysdba’
sql>shutdown immediate;
>ps -ef |grep pmon

Make sure that oracle is not running
>lsnrctl stop
>lsnrctl status
Make sure that the listener is not running.
Take a cold database backup
Controlfiles, datafiles, redo logs, archive files, tempfiles must be included in the backup. If the files are in different paths, the same has to be backedup.
>mkdir /backup_date
>cp /App1/oracle/oradata/orcl/*.* /backup/backup_date
>cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs
>cp inittest.ora inittest.ora_bkpdate
>cp spfiletest.ora spfiletest.or_bkpdate
>cp orapwtest.ora orapwtest.ora_bkpdate