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Table Reorganization using BRSPACE via temporary tablespace

On my previous tutorial, you have already learned how to create new tablespace. I done it for this purpose. As you see, I already created PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

You can check it via DB02 tcode. Now, I want to reorg MSEG table. Right now, MSEG table is located on PSAPIDS tablespace. I check it by double click-in PSAPIDS from above screen. and write down MSEG on Object Name field like this.

Press the green check (v).

Here is information about MSEG table I get.

Now, open your MS-DOS prompt (coz I am using Windows based IDES server) and using [sid]adm user.

Type this command : >brspace -f tbreorg -t MSEG -m PSAPIDS_REORG

This command will reorg MSEG table and move it to PSAPIDS_REORG table.

Confirmation required to start reorganization process.

Table reorganization status starting.

Reorganization process has completed successfully.

To make sure that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace, check again using DB02 tcode and check on PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

Now, you can see that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG. You can start reorganize othe table. For your safety, use it on offline mode (no user access SAP server).

Simple Table Reorganization for SAP R/3 using BRSPACE

SAP R/3 are ERP software that relied on database performance to support its performance. High performance database directly effect on SAP R/3 system performance. One of activity that effect on its are table reorganization. Reorganization improves the structure of the database and can result in improved database performance. BRSPACE performs the reorganization using the new Oracle feature, online table redefinition. The following graphic shows some of the reasons for reorganization:

One of the reason to reorganization are that large disk and RAID system with large and secure memory buffers reduce I/O hotspot. You can check more about reorganization for SAP R/3 here.

I’ll use my Windows box and use [sid]adm user. For Unix box user, use ora[sid] user. Let’s do simple table reorganization here. Open your MS-DOS prompt.

Type > brspace -f tbreorg -t MSEG

Explanation :

  • -f means function to do table reorganization
  • -t means refer to tableĀ  name. On this tutorial, MSEG table.


Additional option available for table reorganization. Just accept default option. Type C to continue.

Table reorganization is running.

Table reorganization has been completed succesfully. Type C to continue.

Now you can try to reoganization simple and little table. This tutorial only show you simple and online reorganization. Be carefull when you are using it. Test it first on your Develop system or Test system.