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SAPGUI for Java 7.10 : Greap leap from SAP

SAP had released the latest SAPGUI for Java. It has 7.10 version. As this 2007, SAPGUI for Java had been improved. Currently, SAPGUI for Java 7.10 had significant update including input history capability had been integrated.

For most SAP End User, this feature (Input History) was very helpful since it’s only available on SAPGUI for Windows. I had been try and test it on my several SAP end user and they said “its awesome”, “very helpful”, etc.

For me as SAP Basis, it’s time for SAP to accelerate this SAPGUI development and improvement because of its multiplatform. Almost all OS user could use it from Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Mac OS X.

Another SAPGUI for Java feature that had been amazed me is its capability to use frontend printing. Not “F” type as you thought, but “G” access method. If you’re SAP using Basis release 620, just check your SPAM level using SPAM tcode. If you had minimumly on level 52, then you could use this access method (“G”).

Also, i had just mentioned about my new SAPGUI for Java on Linux deployment. I used to deploy SAPGUI for Java on Linux manually. But starting now, I am using remotely and silently method. Its very simple and helpful for such “lazy Basis” like me :D.

Prepare your SAPGUI for Java installer on remote machine. Then, create a simple responfile like this sample on the same directory as your SAPGUI for Java installer :

# Example of a typical installation response file
# suppress user interaction
# install to the default path
# reinstall gui if already present

And you just type this command on your console :

#java -jar PlatinGUI-Linux-710.jar -i[name_of_your_responfile]

Its very simple, isn’t it ? Happy deploying !! Let me know if you have question.