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Just another guy who wish to be an expert one day. Used to live in Bandung “Paris van Java“. Now running his own Linux, Computer Network, Oracle, DB2, SAP HANA, and SAP private consultant in Surabaya City “City of Heroes“. Try to share his Basis knowledge to the real world.

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Email : devratt@yahoo.com
Mobile : 62-853-30356073


  1. amith says:

    explain roles, profiles , & authorizations ( explain with screen shots)

  2. johnny says:

    Hey, which part of bandung do you live in? I’m an SAP Basis consultant and will be going to Bandung this 2nd March 08 for a breakway holiday. Maybe we could meet up and hav a coffee or something.

  3. ardhian says:

    I used to live in Bandung. But now, I live in Surabaya. I’ll be glad to meet up with you in Surabaya.


  4. Kermitz says:

    In your next post, could go over dbacockpit, and all the options in that.
    I know it could be multi – part explanation, as dbacockpit holds a lot of transactions.

    I am asking this since i was trying to add a remote DB in cockpit, and was unsuccessful.
    But also, on the whole wanted to know what are the possibilities with the cockpit with Oracle as the DB.

    I hope you can fulfill this request.


  5. Barbara25 says:

    I do not really see the tree. ,

  6. Roy61 says:

    After four to six weeks, they return for additional training. ,

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