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Remote Client Copy from PRD server to QA server

Well, after learn how to do client export and client import, now its time to do hard wok. Doing remote client copy. For easy one, you can follow this procedure :

1. This is remote Client Copy(for that scc9). One system to Another System.
2. Create a RFC in Quality Server Client 300.
(Put target System is Production Server and Mention Client Also)
And then check Connection. – It should be OK.
3.Now run SCC9 from Quality Client 300.
Selected Profile: SAP_ALL
Source destinat: Choose created RFC.

Then please Tick first TEST RUN.

If it goes Successfull then Go for Next.

**** At the time of Client Copy No Other user shuld be login.

Client Copy from PRD server to QA server through Export – Import

Hi…Today I am going to view about Client Copy using Client Export and Client Import procedure. It’s easy and safe way than direct client copy.

Client Export:
1. Run SCC8
2. Select Profile for desired copy type (Usually All SAP_ALL or user master only SAP_USER. You will need direction from the requester as to the correct selection here. Use Profile -> Display Profile to display profile details.)
3. Select target System (or group)
4. De- Select “Test Run” (If selected)
5. Run Export
– Up to 3 requests are created, depending on the data selected and available:
1. “SIDKO00353” for transporting client-independent data, if you have selected this
2. “SIDKT00353” for transporting client-specific data
3. “SIDKX00353” for transporting client-specific texts, provided texts are available in this client
6.Monitor TP logs for errors and export files for growth
Client Import:
1. Create client (scc4)
2. Login to client (sap* – pass)
3. Manually add “O” transport then “X” then “T” to TMS buffer
4. Highlight #1 and use “Request -> Import” to launch import tool
5. Monitor “I” file in OS “/usr/sap/trans/tmp” dir for progress info
6. After Import is complete perform “post processing steps” from client tool (SCC7)

So if you have 3 transport requests and the data has been exported successfully then go for an import in quality system

I hope this could help to refresh QA server with PRD server data and settings.

Activate and Configure SAP ITS Webgui on SAP ECC 6.0

Since SAP ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0, SAP has integrates its SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) on its server. You don’t need to install separate ITS server. You just need to activate and configure it. Follow this procedure :

Check if you have activated:
1) With transaction SICF and locate the services by path

2)With Transaction SE80 locate from the menu, Utilities –> Settings–>Internet Transaction Server (Tab)–>Publish (Tab) and set “On Selected
This restricts the publication in the next step to the integrated (internal) ITS.

3)In SE80 only, Locate the Internet Services: SYSTEM and WEBGUI.
Publish these services with the Context Menu -> Publish -> Complete Service

4)Now Browse to http://<server>:<icmport>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/! and login to the webgui.

Hope this tutorial help you.