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How to Reset SPAM queue

Sometimes when you are upload and implement Support Package, its jammed. Then you need to reset SPAM queue. Here is the step how to reset SPAM queue :

Go to Tx SE37
select program name : OCS_RESET_QUEUE
test/execute (f8)
give the value for import parameters
IV_tool : SPAM

Execute (f8)

there after the spam queue will get reset and then you can do it again.

BRTOOLS 720 (for Oracle 10g and 11g)

You can download

Brtools 7.20 is available on the servicemarket place at the following link


Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group
Additional Components
SAP Kernel
SAP Kernel 64bit
Choose your OS
Choose Oracle

DBATL720O10_1-20005243.SAR DBATOOLS Package for Oracle 10g and 11g

The oss note 12741 is also useful for download paths for all released Brtools.