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IBM DB2 10.1 has been supported by SAP

Finally, IBM DB2 10.1 has been supported by SAP. There are a lot of improvement whic had been done by IBM on DB2 10.1 such as Adaptive Compression (prior than Deep Compression which now mentioned as Static Compression), Log Compression, etc.

SAP has just certified DB2 10.1 this July 2012.

There are several SAP Notes need to be read and implement if you want to use DB2 10.1.

sapnote_0001700631_DB6: Using DB2 10.1 with SAP Applications

sapnote_0001701181_DB6: ABAP DDIC: Enhancements for DB2 10.1

sapnote_0001692571_DB6: DB2 10.1 Standard Parameter Settings

sapnote_0001365982_DB6: Current db6_update_db_db6_update_client script (V 27)

Right now, I also doing some research on this DB2 10.1 using SAP ERP 6 EHP 5.

Happy hacking, guys !!