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Create new client on SAP ERP 6 EHp 7

This step by step configuration is going to show you on how to create new client on SAP ERP 6 EHp 7. Usually, Basis doing this step after completing the installation.

Type tcode “SCC4”


This will display avalaible clients.


Click Display/Change icon to change mode.


Click “New Entries” (more…)

SAP® NetWeaver security parameter

The SAP® NetWeaver is a comprehensive application and integration platform
that consists of several components and tools.
Important components are e.g.  the NetWeaver Application Server,
NW  Business Intelligence, NW Exchange Infrastructure,
NW Master Data Management, NW Mobile, NW Portal,
Auto-ID infrastructure, NW Identity management.
Relevant tools are e.g. Adaptive Computing Controller,
NetWeaver Composition Environment, NW Developer Studio,
NW Visual Composer, SAP® Solution Manager.
Just like for the former basis kernel the security of this platform is controlled
by corresponding system security parameters.
The following overview provides a short introduction in the relevant aspects
of selected parameters.
You can review the current settings with the help of the report
RSPFPAR or RSPARAM [via transaction SE38 e.g].
The parameter change history is available through transaction TU02.
The system profile parameters are stored in files on the operation system level
[an instance, a start and default.pfl] and are supposed to configure the different instances.

Dynamic parameters can be changed on the fly, while for static parameters a
restart of the corresponding instance is necessary to activate the setting.

Uninstall SAPGUI for Java on Linux

From my previous posting, you have already learned how to install SAPGUI for Java on Linux and also how to configure them so you can connect and log on to SAP.

Now, I’ll explain to how to uninstall/remove SAPGUI for Java from your Linux system.

Using root user, type this command :

# java -jar PlatinGUI-Platform-Version-.jar uninstall

You can try it. Any comment and suggestion are welcome.

Patching SAPGUI for Windows using service mode


As I told you before I am moving my next posting on my new blog address. You can get tutorial about how to patch SAPGUI for Windows using service mode.

You can click here to continue to read.

Happy patching.

SAP R3 Handbook download link

It’s nice to see you again. Here I provide you nice download link of SAP Basis ebook. This ebook is SAP R3 Handbook 3rd Edition by Jose Antonio Hernandez.

You can click here to get download link.

Just follow the rule.

I hope you enjoy it.

Paid Support : Cheap SAP Print Management using Linux Client

My deepest regret that I have to do this in order to support me maintaining this blog since I have to maintain my internet connection. I need to charge to you if you want to get this simple information.

I am offering paid support to Basis who want to implement Linux Migration on workstation so that by using SAPGUI for Java on Linux can print smoothly as well as Windows-based SAPGUI client. On SAPGUI for Windows, you can easily print SAP documents. But you can’t do that when you’re using SAPGUI for Java on Linux.

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