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DBACOCKPIT, A new feature on SAP ERP 6.0

SAP ERP 6.0 or SAP ECC 6.0 or it might also called mySAP ERP 2005 was powered with some new transacion code. Some code are for Basis. Some tcode is created to simplified Basis work. One of tcode which I have found is DBACOCPIT.

DBACOCKPIT is new tcode but actually old ones since it actually only summarize some tcode and gather them on one screen. From DBACOCKPIT screen you can go to ST04 screen, DB02 screen, DB13 screen, and etc. You can get information and statistics of your database since database startup on ST04 screen. DB13 gave you access to database schedule activities such as database backup (whole, full, or incremental), archive log backup, database update statistic, database check, and etc. DB02 gave you information about current size of database, tablespace, critical tables and indexes, and etc.

Well, DBACOCKPIT is very useful tcode for Basis.

Checking SAP R/3 Database

Most Basis jobs are related with database server. Whether you’re using Microsoft SQL server from Microsoft, Oracle Database from Oracle, DB2 Universal Database from IBM or SAPDB from MySQL AB, all your job are facing with them closely.

SAP are design its database very complex and beatiful. SAP also develop database tools to accompany you as Basis in order free you from complicated and frustated database specific related jobs such as rebuilding index, checking tablespace, checking whole database, updating your database statistic, monitoring your database growth, etc.

I just going to explain about BRTOOLS for Oracle because I only have Oracle database right now. BRTOOLS has numerous tools inside it.

To check your Oracle database, you can go to your SAP screen. Go to DB13 tcode.

Double click on current date.

Choose Check Database.

If you want to run check database command now, just choose Start Immedietly. But if you wan to run it later, just schedule it on appropriate time.

Happy checking your database. Send your suggestion to me on devratt@yahoo.com.