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Download : SAPGUI for Java Linux 720rev4

After SAP removed their SAPGUI download link from FTP server, some user cannot download it again easily. You can download it here :

SAPGUI for Java Linux 720rev4 (http://rapidshare.com/files/433986525/PlatinGUILNX_4-10006060.JAR)

Happy downloading, guys !!

Installation and Configuration of SAPGUI for Java on Linux

Based on many questions in my email inbox, asking how to install and configure SAPGUI for Java on Linux, here I’ll explain it briefly.

Prepare these stuffs before you can proceed to installation :

  1. You have to make sure that your Linux system has been installed with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) from SUN Microsystem (http://java.sun.com). If you don;t have it, just download it from here. Some of linux distros such as Fedora, Ubuntu, OpenSuSE etc using JRE from GNU called GIJ (GNU for Java). We can’t use this JRE. We need to replaced it. I’ll show you how to changed it later.