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Un-officially SAP OSDB Migration Project done !!

Another project have been completed by me this year.

Since the sister company (formerly I maintain) moved to hyperconverged Nutanix and used Acropolis as its hypervisor, there is a SAP R / 3 4.7 ext 200 system running on HP rx4640 machine with HPUX 11.23 OS and Oracle 9.2 database server that must be migrated to a Nutanix machine . HP rx4640 machine is not extended maintenance support. While the system, SAP R / 3 4.7 ext 200 is also not supported by SAP both SAP instance and database server.

Target using Linux OS SLES 11 SP4 and DB2 database server 9.7 FP 5.

Broadly speaking the migration process is :

    – Export existing data in SAP R / 3 4.7 ext 200 on HPUX source machine
Install DB2 9.7 database server on target Linux
Install Central Instance on Linux target
Install Database instance in Linux target by selecting System Copy and export result (process no.1) as imported data.

The export process runs smoothly. Problems begin to emerge during process no.4 of them:

The process of database load had stopped because the file system is full sapdata. Solution: extend the sapdata partition and the file system
The database load process was stopped again because the file system is a full archive log. Solution: extend the partition and add the number of LOGARCHIVE second files.

After the import process is complete, there are still more problems that arise, the SAP kernel 6.40 used does not recognize the linux 3.0 kernel (used SLES 11 SP 4) and DB2 9.7 database. The solution is download the latest version of SAP kernel 6.40 EX2 patch (version 414).

Project un-official SAP OSDB migration done by un-certified Base like me

video installation SAP NetWeaver 7.4 using Oracle 12c on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 4

This video show you on step by step installation of SAP NetWeaver 7.4 using  Oracle 12c as database server on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 4.

Preparation :

Installation part 1 :

Installation part 2 :

Installation part 3 :

Installation part 4 :

Enjoy !!

Oracle 11g Extended Statistics for SAP Tables

Extended Statistics is an attempt to fix one of the flaws in CBO–values of different columns are not correlated.

Let us take an example of two columns in a table. One of the column contain department code and the other contains employee name. Let us assume that there are 10 departments and 3000 employees in our example. In a real life scenario, all the employees do not belong to all the departments, but CBO assumes that is the case and hence it assumes that there are 3000*10 = 30000 combinations of employee name and department code that exist. In reality, it can be between 3000 and 30000 (assuming employee belongs to at least one department and can clock for multiple departments).

How can we calculate archivelog size each day?

How can we calculate archivelog size each day/hour?
This is not a difficult idea for someone who work as DBA, I just wish more idea for discussion and sharing . Some Idea using V$LOG.BYTES and V$ARCHIVED_LOG.*
but I believe V$ARCHIVED_LOG view be able to help:
Archivelog size each day:

SQL> select trunc(COMPLETION_TIME) TIME, SUM(BLOCKS * BLOCK_SIZE)/1024/1024 SIZE_MB from V$ARCHIVED_LOG group by trunc (COMPLETION_TIME) order by 1;

———- ———-
2011-02-12 71797.87
2011-02-13 75880.52
2011-02-14 73569.37
2011-02-15 76776.81
2011-02-16 73959.86
2011-02-17 69969.71
2011-02-18 74677.10
2011-02-19 75474.95
2011-02-20 77967.07
2011-02-21 67802.70

Archivelog size each hour:

SQL> alter session set nls_date_format = ‘YYYY-MM-DD HH24’;

Session altered. (more…)

BRTOOLS 720 (for Oracle 10g and 11g)

You can download

Brtools 7.20 is available on the servicemarket place at the following link


Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group
Additional Components
SAP Kernel
SAP Kernel 64bit
Choose your OS
Choose Oracle

DBATL720O10_1-20005243.SAR DBATOOLS Package for Oracle 10g and 11g

The oss note 12741 is also useful for download paths for all released Brtools.