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What’s most topic you want to see on this blog ?

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Table Reorganization using BRSPACE via temporary tablespace

On my previous tutorial, you have already learned how to create new tablespace. I done it for this purpose. As you see, I already created PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

You can check it via DB02 tcode. Now, I want to reorg MSEG table. Right now, MSEG table is located on PSAPIDS tablespace. I check it by double click-in PSAPIDS from above screen. and write down MSEG on Object Name field like this.

Press the green check (v).

Here is information about MSEG table I get.

Now, open your MS-DOS prompt (coz I am using Windows based IDES server) and using [sid]adm user.

Type this command : >brspace -f tbreorg -t MSEG -m PSAPIDS_REORG

This command will reorg MSEG table and move it to PSAPIDS_REORG table.

Confirmation required to start reorganization process.

Table reorganization status starting.

Reorganization process has completed successfully.

To make sure that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace, check again using DB02 tcode and check on PSAPIDS_REORG tablespace.

Now, you can see that MSEG table has been moved to PSAPIDS_REORG. You can start reorganize othe table. For your safety, use it on offline mode (no user access SAP server).