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How to compare SAP user roles

I have a few question on how to compare different object from 2 SAP users so that I can see the different between them. I’ve searched on google and found useful SAP standard report “RSUSR050”.

From this report, we can see object levels different from 2 SAP users. Its nice report though.

Here are the screenshot.

Enter both SAP user which is want to be compared and execute.

Exsort_not_enough_memory / Exsort_setvbuf_failed / System_no_task_storage shortdump on SAP ERP 6

Exsort not enough memory, exsort setvbuf failed, and system no task storage shortdump is happening on my production SAP ERP 6 server after we migrated my ERP to my new hardware. After searching on SAP service marketplace and observing my new server settings, I have found out the problem.


STMS Status of Importing Queue (Request Does Not Match Component Version)

With Version SAP_BASIS 702 a new feature was added to the TMS system, tp was checking the component version of the transport which was released and the component version of the system where the transport was going to be imported. If there was a difference, this difference was highlighted in the import queue (transaction stms_import) and if you tried to import the transport, the import would stop with a warning message about the difference in the SAPCOMPONENT versions.
You have error import status “Request does not match component version”.

Set STMS  profile parameter : SP_TRANS_SYNC = OFF
This can be added via transaction STMS of the domain controller.
Call transaction STMS
Goto ‘Systems Overview’
Double click you wish to add the parameter to
Goto ‘Transport Tool’ tab
Goto ‘change mode’
Add SP_TRANS_SYNC to parameter column and OFF to value column
Save, activate and distribute

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Nice ebooks from SAP : Data Management Guide for SAP Business Suite

Hi folks,

I got this nice ebooks from SAP website.

You can download from my ziddu account here (http://www.ziddu.com/download/18524440/DataManagementGuideforSAPBusinessSuite.pdf.html)

It’s great books and every SAP Functional, Basis and Consultant should have it.

SAPGUI for Java Rev 8 is already released on April 1st 2009

Hi All,

SAP has finally revealed its latest SAPGUI for Java version. SAPGUI for Java rev 8 is released and you can view its release note on https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/sap-gui.

Enhancements and New Features
Support for new OS versions: openSUSE 11.0
Applet: A new certificate has been used to sign the product, because the previous is valid only until April 1, 2009.

You can start download here (ftp://ftp.sap.com/pub/sapgui/java/710r8).

Searching for the best linux distros for sap workstation (season 2)

After couple month of release posting about the best linux distros for SAP workstation (or SAPGUI ready), I am trying my best to experiment again. For such long time there are some of linux distros which is match with my requirement.

1. Still Vector Linux 5.0 SOHO edition with its complete and robust application including SUN Java, CUPS, and SAMBA server installed. This is great linux distro for desktop. I highly recommend this distro.

2. PCLinuxOS 2009.1 is the newest PCLinuxOS distro which now also powered with the latest SUN Java, CUPS, and also SAMBA server. SAMBA server was not included on the previous PCLinuxOS version. I think this distro is great and easy to use. Its also powered with the latest hardware support. You could also remaster this distro to suit your requirement because this distro had been powered with remaster script by out of the box.

3. Linux Mint 6.0 is the latest Linux Mint released which based on Ubuntu 8.10 (the latest Ubuntu version when this article is written). This distro still lack of SAMBA server. But this distro is easy and well supported by Ubuntu community.

4. OpenSuSE 11.1 is the latest community version of SuSE and I think this distro is also great one. I am using this distro on my notebook for work.

That’s all distros I can recommended now. I still going to get my other research about SAP and Linux. Stay tuned.