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Exsort_not_enough_memory / Exsort_setvbuf_failed / System_no_task_storage shortdump on SAP ERP 6

Exsort not enough memory, exsort setvbuf failed, and system no task storage shortdump is happening on my production SAP ERP 6 server after we migrated my ERP to my new hardware. After searching on SAP service marketplace and observing my new server settings, I have found out the problem.


SAPGUI for Windows download link

Just now, SAP has decided to remove SAPGUI for Windows download link from previous place. Previously, we can download SAPGUI for Windows installer, its add on, and patch from SAP FTP. SAP will redirect you to use their SAP Service Marketplace link (http://service.sap.com/sapgui) to download SAPGUI for Windows. But this link require SAP Service user ID. If your company is SAP customer then you should have this user ID.

If you don’t want waste your time downloading this stuff, then just order the DVD from SAP Sofware Catalog. Should be freely available for SAP Customer.

I don’t know the reason why SAP had moved this download link. For other who want to download this software but don’t have SAP Service Marketplace user ID then ask your friend to download it for you. I hope SAP explain it…:)