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Installing SAPGUI Patch on SAPGUI Distribution Server

I have already post about how to install SAPGUI using SAPGUI Distribution Service Mode and how to install SAPGUI for Windows from a SAPGUI Distribution Server. On this posting, I’ll explain step by step how to install SAPGUI patch on SAPGUI Distribution Server so that all SAPGUI for Windows on client PC which has been installed from this server can resume SAPGUI patch automatically and easily.

Run your SAP Admin from Start Menu – All Programs – SAP Installation Server – SAP Admin.

From toolbar menu, you can see some menu such as New, Paste, Permission, Edit Content, Apply Patch. Now Click Apply Patch.

Installation screen will prompt you where is your patch file resided. Click Browse to locate.

This what I get after I fill the field. Click Open to extract.

Extract process is running. Wait till completed.

SAPGUI Patch is being installed on SAPGUI Distribution Server.

SAPGUI Patch installation is finished.

Sometime you are facing a sharing problem. If so, then remove the sharing first and continue. After installation finished, then share it again. Hope this could help you manage your SAPGUI for Windows installation.

SAPGUI for Windows installation from SAPGUI Distribution Server

From my previous posting, I have already explain about SAPGU Distribution Server. SAPGUI Distribution Server will be managed when there is SAPGUI patches need to be applied. All you need is manage on this server.

You can also install SAPGUI for Windows on your PC from this server. Just connect this server using Windows Explorer. Open your WIndows Explorer, type \\<Server Name>\<share name>.

From my server, I type \\EMATES67\sapgui640.

Double click netsetup.exe.

Click Next to continue installation.

Choose SAPGUI installation package. I choose Complete GUI (local). Click Next.

Installation screen will prompt you location of SAPGUI installation. I accept default. Click Next.

Final screen before installation process begin. Click Install to start installation process.

Installation process is running. Wait till finished.

SAPGUI installation is completed. Click Finish button to close.

Congratulations !! Finally, you have installed SAPGUI from SAPGUI Distribution Server. On my next posting I’ll let you how to install SAPGUI patch on SAPGUI Distribution Server.