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Trial : Install SAP ERP 6 Ehp 5 with DB2 10.5 on SLES 12 using btrfs

For this trial, I am trying to install SAP ERP 6 Ehp 5 using IBM DB2 10.5 FP 4. For the OS, I am using SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (the latest one) using btrfs as file system. Usually, I used ext3 for the file system.

This installation is running well and smoothly but it takes long enough when “Import ABAP” step.

After installation is finished, I am trying to access the server using SAPGUI. But I got some error like this “os release linux 3.12.28-4-default #1 smp thu sep 25 17:02:34 utc 2014 (9879bd4) x86_64 is not supported with this kernel (720)”. I know that this error is because I use SLES 12 and this OS is using the latest production release kernel.

I tried to update SAP kernel to 415 level for this error and this was succeeded. I haven’t found this error again.

But I have found a new error. The error message is “UUID daemon (uuidd) not found. Please check SAP note 1391070”

The problem was about uuidd. On this SAP note, I have found a little script to check_libuuidd. You can download from the SAP note.

sles12:~/sapinst # ./check-libuuid.sh
[ check-libuuid.sh Revision : #20 $ Date : 2014/09/26 $ ]
SLES 12 (SP 0) system
libuuid package: libuuid1-2.25-6.69.x86_64
uuidd package: uuidd-2.25-6.1.x86_64
WARNING: Unmatching version numbers of libuuid and uuid-runtime!
WARNING: This is probably caused by an incomplete system upgrade!
2.25 and 2.25 ;  6.1.x86_64 and 6.69.x86_64
uuidd is active.
uuidd is running permanently.
installed libuuid and uuidd are ok!
/usr/sbin/uuidd -t ok!

And now, I can login again to my SAP server without error again.

Exsort_not_enough_memory / Exsort_setvbuf_failed / System_no_task_storage shortdump on SAP ERP 6

Exsort not enough memory, exsort setvbuf failed, and system no task storage shortdump is happening on my production SAP ERP 6 server after we migrated my ERP to my new hardware. After searching on SAP service marketplace and observing my new server settings, I have found out the problem.


Enable password saving in SAP Logon for Windows

Even though password saving, in SAP Logon for Windows is disabled by default, this can be enabled following the steps listed below:

  1. Open the command prompt by navigating to Start → Run and by typing “cmd”.
  2. Go to the \SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui directory (in Program Files), through the command prompt.
  3. Create the necessary value in Windows registry by typing:
    sapshcut -register
    An information message will appear.
  4. Open the registry editor, in order to access Windows registry, by navigating to Start → Run and by typing “regedit”.
  5. Go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPShortcut\Security registry key.
  6. Change the value data of “EnablePassword from 0 to 1.
  7. Close SAP Logon and open it again, in case it was open during the whole process.

Relevant SAP Notes: 146173, 103019

Access to SAP ERP via TeamViewer VPN

Accessing a SAP ERP system using TeamViewer VPN, for establishing a virtual private network (VPN) between a local computer and a remote server (partner), is a relatively simple and cheap method. The major prerequisite for the use of TeamViewer VPN is that TeamViewer is installed on both sides with the option “Use TeamViewer VPN“.

Error “LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS” when using SAPGUI for Java

Lately, I am facing some error “LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS” when using SAPGUI for Java 7.20 rev 9 to access SAP ERP 6.0 EHp 5 with Basis release 702 SP 12 (KB70212). Then I search this on service.sap.com and found this useful SAP Notes  17447011.



Accessing Implementation Guide through SPRO in HTML & JAVA GUI results in Runtime error as LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS

Other terms


Reason and Prerequisites

While accessing IMG through SPRO in HTML & JAVA GUI, it results into run time error as LIST_TOO_MANY_LPROS.
This is because of some method calls are failing to be implimented in JAVA and HTML GUI.

Manual Steps to be followed:
1. Enter T-Code ‘SPRO’.
2. Click on ‘Settings’..’User-Specific Settings’..’General’
3. Uncheck all the check boxes.
4. Restart the t-code ‘SPRO’.

By this, some of the Control features cannot be accessed,
but the IMG navigation is possible.
Now, I am able to access SPRO smoothly again.

New SAPGUI 7.30 for Windows has been released !!

SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 is the successor to SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 which will be out of of support as of 9th of April 2013. With the new release SAP GUI for Windows was carefully improved to provide the end-user with an interface where information is presented in a logical and easy-to-understand way. Several visual and usability improvements have been implemented to help users organize and complete their daily work quickly and efficiently.


The new SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 was shipped on 26th of June 2012 and introduces the following useful enhancements:

  • Corbu Design: A new SAP GUI design is available: The Corbu Design. This design comes with a reduced contrast when compared to SAP Signature Design and improves the integration of SAP GUI into other SAP components like NWBC which also offer Corbu Designs.
  • Signature Color Themes: New color themes can be applied system and client specific: Users are enabled to easily select different Signature color themes for test, development or productive systems and clients etc. This leads to a clear overview over the system landscape.
  • Branding Area: A company specific logo (corporate branding, product branding) can be embedded into the top right corner of the SAP screen. This new branding area will help administrators to generate additional corporate communication and corporate identity. It can be used in SAP Signature Design and in Corbu Design.
  • Floating Docking Containers: Docking containers can be positioned individually by end users. Dragging the container with the mouse to north, west, east or south positions helps adjusting the screen layout for individual needs.
  • Personalized TAB Order: Users can define their own TAB order within SAP screens. The new TAB order allows users to jump to the next screen element of interest. Screen elements not included in the TAB order can still be accessed by mouse clicks.
  • System Comments in SAP Logon: In SAP Logon users can add system specific notes or information. This new edit area will help users to manage and comment the system landscape.
  • SNC indication icon in the status bar: A small icon in the SAP GUI status bar indicates whether the connection between SAP GUI and application server is secured (SNC is activated) or not.

An up-to-date list of new features is available in SAP note 1670678.

See below for an image explaining some of the new, exciting features of release 7.30!


Lifecycle information:

  • Delivery: 26th of June 2012 (“Productive Release” & “Default Release”)
  • End of maintenance: 15th of July 2015 (end of support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010)
  • Please note that SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 will be out of maintenance as of 09th of April 2012 – therefore we recommend to start planning your upgrade to release 7.30 soon after the delivery of the new release.

More detailed information on the lifecycle of SAP GUI can be found in SAP note 147519.


Supported platforms:

  • Windows XP / 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 7 (only “Business”, “Ultimate” and “Enterprise” editions) / Windows 2008 R2 Server
  • Windows 8: Under evaluation (planned to be supported as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.30)

More detailed information on the platforms supported by SAP GUI can be found in SAP note 66971.

Various other pieces of information related to SAP GUI can be found on the SAP GUI Homepage in SAP SCN.

Download link : http://service.sap.com/swdc – Installation and Upgrades – Browse our Download Catalog – SAP Frontend Components – SAPGUI For Windows – SAPGUI For Windows 7.30 core – Installation

Screenshot :