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DB14 : Daily SAP Basis job log to be monitored

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SAP provides an excellent DBA tools (for Oracle DB) which is called BRTOOLS. BRTOOLS is a compilation tools range from BRBACKUP (tools to maintain backup database), BRARCHIVE (tools to maintain archive files backup), BRCONNECT (tools to maintain checking database, updating database statistics, etc), BRRESTORE (tools to maintain database restoration), and some specific and useful tool.

When SAP Basis running one or more tools from BRTOOLS, it will create a job log to provide SAP Basis some information about BRTOOLS activities whether it succeed, succeed with warning, or failed. We can access those log from SAP R/3 through SAPGUI.

SAP provides DB14 tcode for SAP Basis to access those database logs. Through this article, I’ll show you how to monitored your database logs.

First, type DB14 on your SAPGUI screen. You’ll have this screen :

To check your BRCONNECT logs, just click BRCONNECT button.

You’ll see some logs. The one which coloured grey is BRCONNECT job that had run well or successfully. The other one which coloured yellow is BRCONNECT job that had run but ended with warning. If your BRCONNECT job hadn’t run well then it will show you red coloured log. To see what’s really happened, justdouble click one of i logs.

For more detailed information, click Detail Log button.

For BRBACKUP job log, you can click BRBACKUP button.

For more information about BRBACKUP activities, double click on one of its log.

To get more detailed information, click on Detail Log button.

For BRARCHIVE log activities, click on BRARCHIVE button.

For detailed information, just double click on one of its lines and you’ll get this screen.

For detailed information, you have to click Detail Log button.

SAP through Going Live Check event will check this log to make sure that your SAP production system is ready to go live. They will mention and warn you if something wrong with your backup configuration. So, make sure that you’ll have this log check every day to make your system has high availability and minimize your SAP production downtime.


  1. excellent information thanx alot yaar for your effort

  2. anil says:

    Good tutorial

  3. raghav says:

    Thanks a lot for information and for your effort.
    very good document.

  4. andi says:

    very nice info..

  5. Vijay says:

    gr8 info also be careful your content is being copied by this blogger word to word..

  6. ardhian says:


    thank you for notice, vijay.
    I just email sapbasisnotes blog owner.


  7. rokhmadi says:

    is the T-code same for MS-SQL DB?

  8. ardhian says:

    For MS SQL database you start from tcode DB12 or DB13. It’s the same one.

    It will report your database backup, archive backup activity, etc


  9. sharvan0701 says:

    I saw ur site its really good and appreciated..
    I got more information from your site..
    Thanks a lot.. Keep on Updating..

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    Really I like your post.thank you for sharing.
    SAP HANA Online Access

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