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Checking SAP R/3 Database via BRTOOLS

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BRTOOLS is a database tool developed by SAP to help SAP Basis manage his Oracle based SAP R/3 database. In the last tutorial, I had shown you how to check your database through DB13 tcode. DB13 is database independent tcode to manage your database whether you’re using MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, or SAPDB.

Here, I am going to demonstrate how to use BRTOOLS to check your Oracle 9i database. You need to logon to your SAP R/3 server using ORA[SID] user.

Type BRTOOLS on your console and then you’ll have this screen. For your information, I’am using UNIX OS. It might be different when you’re using Windows OS.

Choose number 6 option by typing 6 and then press ENTER.

To check your database choose number 1 option and then press ENTER.

In this screen, you might need to input some information about your database such as your SAP Database profile, your database user and password, database owner, and something you might not want to be checked. For this moment, I am using default properties and press ENTER.

This screen show you BRTOOLS confirmation. Just type C and then press ENTER to proceed to the next step.

Press ENTER to proceed.

Now, you’ll see that database check process is running. Wait until it finished.

Type S to stop and exit from BRTOOLS menu. Now you had learn how to check your SAP R/3 database by using DB13 tcode and BRTOOLS command. In the next tutorial, I’ll show you another tips and trick that might be useful and helpful. Stay there and always connected.

Critics and suggestion are welcomed. Please feel free to contact me on devratt@yahoo.com.


  1. Gul says:

    This is most useful information u r published on web.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. ardhian says:

    hi Gul,

    thank you for comment. Hope we can share our SAP Basis knowledge each other so we can upgrade our skills.

    best regards,

  3. sean says:


    thank you very much for the very useful information, i hope you continue to do like this and update your blog frequently with more information

  4. ardhian says:

    hi sean,

    thank you for your comment. i’ll do my best to update this blog regularly.


  5. raghu says:

    very nice yaar

  6. pradeep kumar says:


    this is a very good information about brtools.can u tell me in brtools how to increase table spacce in brtools and if my hardisk is full how to give the pathh of other hardisk or other drive

    pradeep kumar

  7. ardhian says:

    hi pradeep,

    i’ll try to deliver it on my next posting.

    stay tuned..


  8. Really its a very qualitative information you have posted onto the site THanks alot for your effort

  9. Naveed says:

    Hi,…this is the first time i referd ur blogs, seems very informative. Thank you n keep it up. One thing wd like to say that whatevr the screens shots ur displaying its occuring over the other links n list…so i m unable to get to other topics pls look into this.
    Thanks again.

  10. ardhian says:

    hi naveed,

    i’ve tried to post step by step tutorial and completed with screenshot so everybody can follow this tutorial well.

    i’m very sorry if you can get update. please let me know which part and i’ll try to fix it.


  11. Rakesh yadav says:

    Its good

  12. ardhian says:

    hi rakesh,

    it’s good to know that someone enjoy reading and following my blog regularly.


  13. shayna says:

    Q: where do you go in the SAP website to down load BR*TOOLS v 7?

    Q: is the name BRTOOLS or DBATOOLS?

    Need to down load BR*Tools v7.

  14. Amit says:

    This is the first time I have seen ur blog, they are illustrative and self explainatory. Gud work….
    Keep it up.

  15. vinod mahor says:

    I found this tutorial most important for me as i m a member of SAP Basis and responsible for Data backup and recovery.

  16. vijay says:

    excellent article.candid too

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